Jack Humphrey

Jack is widely recognized as one of the most accomplished and experienced online marketing experts today.

In 2002 he wrote a ground-breaking ebook called Power Linking.  Downloaded by tens of thousands of website owners and SEOs, and still heralded as one of the most important guides to link building and SEO strategy, Power Linking put Jack on the map.

Since Power Linking’s first edition, Jack estimates that his training has been responsible for billions of visitors in most, if not all market niches.

He went on to consulting, professional speaking, membership sites, blogging and social media marketing and dominated his competition in every niche he touched.  Today he’s the leading go-to expert on social marketing, social media, organic traffic generation (non paid advertising), and link building.

People in the internet marketing and SEO realm know who Jack is and will usually come back with “he’s the linking guy.”

He has appeared on countless interviews with marketing professionals and consultants, online and offline major market radio shows, and has worked closely with some of the most recognizable names in the industry.

Books and Courses

Power Linking (2002-2005) – Over 10,000 people paid between $67 and $97 for this course and countless others have downloaded it as a bonus for several high-end training and coaching sites who gained access to the course as an added bonus to their training.

The Authority Black Book (2007-2008) – Downloaded by over 40,000 people and counting, you can simply Google this to find out what people have said about the value of this free guide.  http://www.authorityblackbook.com

The Web’s Largest Blogging Training Center

Blog Success: A members-only membership and software site that teaches marketing Jack’s way and utilizes technology developed by Jack and his team to build “authority sites” that pull in incredible results in search engine rankings, links, and direct traffic from other relevant sites.  http://www.blogsuccess.com


BlogSuccess.com has developed software applications for bloggers and authority site builders.  These applications help website owners get more traffic and manage their web presence and content development.

  • Utility Poster
  • Video Utility Poster
  • TrackBoost
  • Web2Submitter


The Friday Traffic Report – Jack’s face on the web.  Read regularly by an average of 100,000 people per month, the FTR is considered by thousands to be one of the most important blogs to read on internet marketing, social media, and SEO on the web.  http://www.jackhumphrey.com

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  1. Dave says:

    I have listened to the Friday Traffic Report radio show since he started and I also subscribe to his blog feed. Jack is a wealth of information for anyone who is building an online website.

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