Talking Points

Talking Points for Jack Humphrey

Social Media

Social media of all kinds – if it’s a community or Web 2.0, Jack is your expert.

Social marketing – anything to do with social marketing topics from generating buzz, guerilla marketing tactics with social media, search engine marketing through social media.

Search Engines

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine marketing (SEM)

Business Building

Starting small to large ventures on the web from DIY small operations to large venture capital-backed operations.

Web Trends

Jack is up on the latest trends in social marketing, small business, technology, social media of all kinds, and the gossip and insights of the leading experts in many fields of online marketing, development, and technology trends.

Membership Sites

Jack has two successful membership sites serving a total of 800 clients.  When it comes to monetizing commmunities, Jack has been doing it successfully for 3 years.


From content development to marketing a blog, Jack has consulted with hundreds of clients to help them get the most out of a blog presence.

Jack is up on the latest blogging technology as well as “conversation management” and developing a blog’s unique voice.

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